Backyard Adoption

A house once filled with quiet,
that could echo off the walls, the windows.
Now filled with high shrieks that send shivers down the spine,
that make your ears curls in.
Two little children played on the shinning hardwood floors,
now they are scuffed up with stickers and marks.
A bathtub that used to hold bubbles,
now holds insecurities.
So much has changed since childhood,
not only the reflection in the mirror,
but the hands I bare.
They shimmer with pain and guilt,
lies and cruelty.
No longer mud pies,
and chalk.
The hall is no longer walked by a tall man,
whom I idolized.
The deck was once new,
when my parents had built it.
It had that fresh paint smell,
now it's rotting.
It couldn't survive the weather,
or a crazed woman smashing the boards.
The yard no longer sparkles,
when the sun hits every blade of grass.
It's almost like an entirley new place,
new people.
The yelling and the fighting,
the rules to be broken,
it's depressing.
I could sit up stairs for hours popping pills,
and never be noticed.
Well, maybe thing's haven't changed that much.

by Dakota Ellerton

Comments (6)

love this, love JRR Tolkien, but my personal favorite is All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter
Length does not determine how good a poem is. This is one of my personal favorites.
Long live Lothlorien and the glory of Aragorn the 1st! ! ! Undoubtly, THE most horrifying prophecy in fiction...and in reality perhaps. Tolkien's imagination=the weapon against logic!
loved this, but how can you comment on one of his shortest poems and ignore all the rest? the trilogy and all books by him are the best
This is the abosolute best poem Tolkien ever wrote. Tolkien is the smartest author ever.
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