One's Activities Will Be Made Known

'Is there a real difference between,
Self promotion and self satisfaction? '

Wouldn't that depend on if you are left
Or right handed?

I am right handed.
Although my left is the busiest.
So I think it has a lot to do with preference.

'What on Earth are you talking about? '

I'm talking about selling books.
It's difficult for an unknown author,
To get established.
I use to carry them around in my right hand.
But for some reason my left hand ends up,
Doing all the work.
What are 'you' talking about?

'I'm talking about pride!
Not one's ego.'

Either way...
One's activities will be made known.
If they remain persistent.
And stick with it!
Whatever we're talking about,
There will be satisfaction.
That's a given.

'What about promotion? '

If it is good.
And someone is left pleased?
Your efforts and sweat will be rewarded.
I do suggest you stop the smoking.
At least cut down on it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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