YF ( / New Rochelle)

One Second Of A Perfect Whatever (Love You Forever)

One moment could mean so much
One thought could be lost to a touch
But one wish could also be gained
A selfish thought easily entertained
But we soon let it go and grab hold of another
A better wish, just hoping the best for each other
But we both look at each others eyes as we lightly tease
Wondering what the hell on earth the other person sees
We tell each others what we feel
But our explanations are rarely real
Because how can we explain perfection?
Or the feeling of heading in the right direction
Worse, how do we explain it to everyone?
People whose love is almost done
It’s like asking “How many grains are in a field of sand? ”
They just will never really understand.
And even though I won’t be able to explain or even say
Something inside makes me want to try it anyway
And that’s what I write to do
To try to find another way to say I love you
And maybe this might seem so giving
But truly I must do it to keep on living
Because I just keep so much inside
But this is one thing I don’t want to learn to hide
Because a second of a perfect whatever
Can convince me that a second could stretch to forever….

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We tell each others what we feel But our explanations are rarely real................wonderful explanation of human relationship, the rune of mystery where love and belief grows side by side, when there is any flaw the the belief fails totrasnslate the real truth within, yet introspectively ingenius,10+, thanks for sharing