One Sentence Changed My Life

I had heard the saying many times
But it never took. Never. Not to be
Entertained or considered. But sitting
In one of my early twelve step meetings
The words gently settled into my
Consciousness: 'Nobody's better than
Anybody else' the fellow twelve stepper

My own insecurity and arrogance had led
Me to view others as in a food chain-he is
Better than she, she is better than me, or
The other way around. This view
Had cost me dearly. I alienated and felt
Alien. It played to my addiction.

I'd never let the saying in. Now-yes-
We are multitalented, multiopportunitied,
Multidecisioned, multi this and multi that.
And we are also all children of our creator
To be respected and Loved.

My playing field became smooth. I don't
Berate myself at the talent or opportunities
Of others. I try to caringly help those who
Are hurting. Judgement is displaced by love.

One sentence-when I was ready to hear it-
Helped change my life.

I wonder whether another sentence is
Waiting for my readiness.

by Ray Andrews

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