Hair And Hustle

Dear can you help me for a while?
asked apologetically for a good smile,
’No’ replied a friend, keeping distance mile,
worries all around so can’t smile,

Hounded by worries, sick for while,
how can I offer even forced smile,
pain in her voice Keeping her mild,
mind seized with thought for her child,

She was extremely sorry,
could not afford luxury as money was worry,
situation was tense and she was in hurry,
Mind not working and hand hitting with furry,

I Will do anything for sick child,
can’t remain quite so mild,
I will have to find some means and way,
Still have no hope and no more say,

’hair’ and ‘hustle’ is answer,
What? Hair and hustle,
what is all this about?
Fumed at answer asked, what is this all about? I asked

Explain it dear nothing going in head,
simple may be lines but can not read,
what do they and what it stand for?
Is that all meaning which they stood for?

Raged at the meaning, hair and hustle stood for,
asked again why? What really they meant?
Hair is just trimming as it is learnt,
Hustle is nothing but only business

I have no option but go for child care,
what is meaning hustle and what about hair,
they loose charm and stand nothing,
I may go for it if offered something,

Life of child is so dear
Pain may be more but I may bear,
Many stories appear and I also hear,
child should get care life I fear,

Child if suffers, I will be broke,
can’t bear any such more stroke,
So do not offer any more joke,
Even get angry if some one poke,

Hustle” I found as prostitute,
So mean word and not good substitute,
It was clever ploy on her part not tell truth,
Situation as warranted life not smooth

I remained restless and night whole awoke,
Packets after packets finished for smoke,
Hustle means selling body as she told,
I could not decide whether move was bold,

I learnt later life was living hell,
She did not find as means well,
I was not ready and also not willing,
But helpless as today soul I am killing

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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