AK (November 23,1992 / Raleigh, North Carolina)

One Step Forward; Two Steps Back

When you died
You left me all alone and confused,
All I could do was cry;
I never knew
How much I loved you,
And now that you're gone,
You've moved on
I don't know what I'll do without you.

These nights seem so cold
As I lay awake
Reminiscing about the days we shared,
I remember all the good times we had.
You are all that I dream
It's as though your presence haunts my every being;

At times,
I wonder what I'll do.
For you were my cure
To the curse of this dreadful life;
Like a drug
You kept me on a high,
I was blissfully happy all the time;
And though I might have cried
You'd wipe my eyes dry
And console my broken soul.

by Alexandria Kellner

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