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One Step--Moonglow

We made up lyrics to the moon,
And sang of it's silvery light.
The farmers used its signs for planting,
And everything seemed so right.
Shine on harvest moon, you'll all remember
Also by the light of the silvery moon.
These old songs still thrill our hearts,
And we'll never forget the tune.
Looking back on the yester years,
Since man saw bird's wing on high.
He dreamed of a machine someday,
That would enable him to fly.
But many failures man went through,
Amid tragedies by the score,
Bravely man tried again and again,
His plea was I'll try just once more.
And then he invented the flying machine,
And folks said 'twas sure a waste.
If God had intended us to fly,
He'd created us with wings at our waist.
Then came our wonderful space age,
And our astronauts so very brave.
They went up in the Apollo,
And saw our night, then our day.
Then came the day, high in the heavens,
That our boys did walk in space,
And when we saw the glowing pictures,
Our very pride showed on our face.
And now he's donned a space suit,
He went higher than birds have flown.
And there, high up in the heavens,
He's visited worlds unknown.
And on the moon these brave men,
Left the footprint of man on the sand,
They planted our flag to wave up there,
A symbol of the freedom of our land.
"One small step for man,"said Armstrong,
"And a giant leap for all mankind."
This was not a boast, but a humble toast,
That the world would profit by what they'd find.
Now I'm not a fancy poet,
I just like to spout off poetry.
But all you good brave astronauts,
Will go down in space history.
And now if any one should ask us,
We can in all truthfulness say,
That what we see upon the moon,
Are the footprints of the U.S.A.

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