One Summer Day.....

one summer day at twelve O’ clock
we sat with our arms around each other
love was in full swing around the block
we looked at each other with love, and kissed one another

with a lot of daily walks together
your bare shoulders touching mine
hair flowing and brushing against my face, as gentle as soft feathers
makes me feel a little tipsy, like when you drink a fine, red wine

I come close, smell your breath; an’ face that glows like a pink rose
it wakes a man inside, from a long dark sleep and dream
feel high and drugged with you so close
drifting in ecstasy, on a gentle flowing water stream

you holding my hands and sometimes arms, around my neck
sitting at a local cafe, while telling everyone we are at work
now you have turned your face away and I am just a dark speck
dreams to be with you are gone forever, and misery in my life is full at work

by Khalid Hameed

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