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...One Summer Night
(December / Manila Philippines)

...One Summer Night

Sweltering heat sent me outside the balcony
The moon and stars shining brightly overhead
I can clearly see the moisture on the magnolia tree
Pleasantly diffusing a subtle aroma in the summer air

The hot breeze sends a smell of pudding
Brown rice, coconut, sugar and spice
The provincial smell of country cooking
A perfect match for my iced cold green tea

A soft echo of a man singing in the karaoke bar
Quite entertaining at the same time annoying
Taking over the sounds of the chirping mayas
Neighbor’s dog even felt like howling to the beat

Slight perspiration feels good in my cotton dress
Cooling my down my skin to a refreshing draft
The river looks inviting but too dark to swim
Imagine a water snake crawling up my thigh

Waiting for you at the balcony is quite amusing
Watching people walking talking and fanning
Interesting stories and entertaining gossips
Better than the Filipino soap during prime time

Neighbors I missed when I go back to America
Where you can only see the cars in the driveway
The heavenly smell of brown rice pudding
And the sounds of karaoke bars at midnight

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Beautiful picture painted, pinoy-style.... very dreamy to me... Thank you! Lee