One Tear

One cry, One tear,
One perosn, One fear,
A tear for love, A tear for hate,
A tear for joy, A tear for fate,
My last tear it was for you,
Cuz are friendship was true,
Never my enemy, always my friend,
Then your life come to end,
I knew you then, I'lll know you forever,
In my heart I know we'll be together,
You made a choice,
And I'll always hear your voice,
We were tight,
I dream of a good-day at night,
Now your gone,
I don't know where you want wrong,
You crushed my heart,
Since we've been apart,
People needed comfort,
And I've been hurt,
The relationship we had was perfect,
All I have left are memories and respect.

by Sylvia Fourness

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