One Tear Drop

One tear drop
Falls from the others; free,
Another tear drop
Falls down silently.

All my pain is held
Captured in each one,
They glisten like diamonds
And sparkle in the sun.

Each one holds a memory
Of each special kiss,
Of the day we met
And how you left me alone like this.

A third tear dropp falls
As others flood my eyes,
Like a raging River
Echoes of my cries.

A reflection in each drop
Of how I loved you so,
Another tear dropp falls
As I turn and watch you go.

As last the tear drops cease
And fall never more,
For I've locked you away
Behind a wooden door.

My heart will beat
Yet will beat no more,
As the last tear drops
And falls down to the floor.

One tear dropp followed by another
Can never wash away,
The pain of life alone
Now that you've gone away.

I'll dry my lonely tear drops
Lock them all away too,
For nothing yet has changed
From the day I first loved you.

by Kristi Day

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