One Thing The Cpi (M) Has Done That Is It Has Communized The Brains

One thing the CPI(M) has done
That it has communized, volcanized
The brains,
Stuffing them
With Marx and his Das Kapitol,
Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao,
Ism, ism,
Communism-communism, capitalism-capitalism,
Misinterpreting and misunderstanding
It all,
Adopting the divide and rule policy,
Brother from brother, sister from sister,
Breaking them,
Handing power to the proletariat
To keep you under threat,
destroying art and culture,
Turning people into hotheads,
rebels and revolutionaries,
A show of the muscle power,
rallies, festoons and banners,
The graffiti telling it.

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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