In This Pair Of Shoes

Tell me not mournful sky of your grief,
You poured rain like daggers.
I pound my chest for I am all forlorn,
For worthy is none to be your relievers.

Your gleaming veils I behold no more,
Nor your beaming light reflecting the shore.
But, never will I be disheartened,
As long as you unfold for another day,
I am strengthened.

I am a dreamer in this pair of shoes,
The path dared travelled by few I choose.
Though you may not cast your light to
be my beacon,
I will go on. I must go on.

You may not bear with me as I make
for a journey,
I’ll take heart in each stride for my dreams
are with me.
Time takes life and youth away,
So, in this pair of shoes I’ll fly and stay.

by Shazzie Telo

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Wow! A very beautiful poem filled with stunning visual detail, with excellent use of personification and other figures of speech. A poetic pearl penned with skill and very carefully crafted. Wonderful observations made by the poet throughout the poem which is spiritual as well as philosophical in content. Very eloquently expressed, the story of the hallowed moon is very finely narrated. You paint the picture of the full moon night in autumn very skillfully, dear poet. I enjoyed reading very much and thank you for sharing this sterling inking. Blessings always...
Congratulations, Dear Kumarmani ji, for completing this feat (and still going strong) . These gems and stars will always shine bright in the sky of poetry and literature. I have heard them whisper the hymns in praise of God, asking all of us to be with Him and obey His cosmic laws. One thousand and one hundred stars are counted, Together they are singing hymns for powerful God.
One thousand and one hundred stars are counted, Around single moon they are gossiping with love, Discussing about God's creation they are shining, Together they are singing hymns for powerful God. - A great write about this beautiful creation of God.Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful array of stars that glorifies the creation of God. These dazzling stars give hope to mankind to fulfill all their aspirations. A great write! A 1000 stars for your beautiful mind.
A great attempt in the chapter of Monotheism. Thank you very much.
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