One True Brother

Why is it that as women
we tend to fall for guys
who only want to get
between our thighs.

Who only wants a quickie
and give you just a little

We always lay our hearts
on the line just to get
them hurt in due time.

Or we always look for a bad
boy to play with like a toy.

But sometimes the best guys
are those who don't tell lies
and are kinda shy.

Noone ever wants the guys
who praise the lord at all times.

Or the ones who fall down on their
knees and asks the lord to 'help
me please.'

Cause the one true brother who
cares for you is the one they
call 'true'!

He will wipe your tears away
so that you can see a brighter

So whenever you think you need a man
just call on Jesus who has a plan.

You might ask yourself 'why is it that I get these no
good men who don't treat me right whenever I put
up a fight.'

The answer to that is in the skies above
where your God and mine is giving you a
great big hug.

Cause he knows where your heart lies like
no other, thats why we call him that

by Ebony Fowler

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