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One Vow

If God would just only allow,
I would take this oath and make this one vow,
To die before my love would be my only request
My heart I would wish to stop beating in my chest.
I would pray and hope to die before her
While she would always remember who we once were,
Without her, a lonely life I would be forced to live
And in time I know that prayer of mine, she would surely forgive.
Unto God I will make just this one plead
I do it not out of hate or jealousy or even greed,
I just wish to die before my one and only beloved
With my tears I cannot stand knowing, not to be loved.
A parent must never outlive their child
If so, their own heritage has been beguiled,
And my love, I would hope that she would outlive me
Without her in my life, I am lost and a nobody.
To God I will daily make this one appeal
And to this one plea of mine I will never conceal,
I hope that I am the one chosen when it is time to die
So, I won’t be the one broken hearted, who will reminisce and cry.
I envision how can a man live without his better half
Without her how can a man love, rejoice or even laugh,
Thinking of a life without her I cannot even conceive
Us not living as one and then dying together, I must believe.

Randy L. McClave

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My sentiments exactly. Wonderful poem.