^^one Way^^

Poem By Christian Jude Iankefvozuqx Tan Limpangog

It’s a dim light on my way back home
The sign is fast-forward to achieve every chance
So I got to go on my own now
The journey is enough to survive and surpass
Its time to let go and never look back
One way or another I’m flying up high
I’m no longer staying in teary blue
I’m someone now that is totally brand new!

No looking back from the resilient past
This time around I’m lingering in passion
I’m not suppose to fall and just cry
It’s a one way high to drive above the sky
So I must no longer waste lackluster time
I’m making it big time on the top of the world
I will sail with gratifying success and dreams
No one can drag me down, I’m stronger than ever!

It’s a one way street to walk on
No weak me to struggle and get into trouble
Dark clouds over me will fade away into rainbow
Moments are gold and its mine to hold
No gullible intuition to stop and breakdown
This is the split second to glow and shine
I’m lighting my flame all over the world to make it happen
And it’s a one way trip, there’s no turning back…

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