One-Way Ticket

Poem By Jo Lynn EhnesAllen

I've penned with words that thrill the mind;
romantic scenes where lovers' play.
For now, those thoughts I've left behind
as ebon clouds obstruct my way.

My spirit roams through sable dreams
in search of one resplendent light,
to guide me with its lustrous beams
away from this oppressing night.

But deeper into hell I slip
when rays of day forsake the skies.
I'm booked on Hades' one-way ship
departing from the Port of Lies.

The deck is filled with shadowed souls
embarking on this wicked tour,
abandoning their righteous goals;
becoming evil and impure.

My ticket's clenched within my hand
as Satan gives the boarding call.
Am I prepared to take a stand?
Or to his minions will I fall?

Exhausted, with no will to fight,
his vicious grip attains control.
At once a force rips through the night
and offers freedom to my soul.

Though weakened by the storms of time,
I find the strength for one more round,
but darkness will direct my rhyme;
for now, there is no joyful sound.

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