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The African Spirit

The Africans are madeof black
But never made to lack
We are made of courage
And can never be discourage'
Africans are truly made of black
But we are not living in dark
The African spirit
Is a freedom spirit
Our freedom's battle
Is like a dukedom title
African spirit never lives in fear
'Cos it is always prepare'
Africans are the Eagles
They soar and never whistle
I am proud to be and African
Africa, a home of freeman
Those who think we have no history
Have they forgotten the Euphrates' story
The only origin of mankind
Oh Africa! You are one of a kind
You flow with milk
And you crowned it with honey
That the boarder-crossers are coming
To enjoy the special blessings of nature in you
Oh Africa! Land of peace and virtue
I will remain loyal to you my father land.

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Comments (4)

Hi Shelley, i liked your poem for what little i saw of it, it does after all leave the reviewer perhaps wondering what this poem is about, what i mean is what were you feeling or going through when you wrote this poem? Don't get me wrong some poets just write a poem without any effort or thought, i guess i like to divulge and inquire more on the poem its self because a poem written with emotion or intent is always more powerful.I liked your choice of words and thought that your arrangement was good as well, keep up the good work.'re distinctive when it comes to believing and hoping........i'll pray for your prosperity...........and longevity...............
Hi Shelley, Short and profound.A prayer in a thousand more years! ! Thanks for your poetry.It really touched my heart. Thank you too for reading mine. Take care, Jona
Lord yet knows what to bestow upon by the prayer, beautiful poem when lucid, a rarest among the rare, i love it,10/10, thanks for sharing