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One Wine Later
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

One Wine Later

A feeling of letting ones beauty down.
To drink without purity reigning,
I make my peace.

The clouds they sail silently, gently.
The light fills the air with inspiration.
The contrast colours the sky.

I see blue,
I see grey,
I see white,
I see you, compassion, forgiveness and love.

We wonder the skies looking for meaning.
We ride the waves of colour.
We enter tunnels of beauty.
And arrive at coloured skies anew.

Fresh and vital, beauty and radiance.
Our hearts, smiles and minds unite.
As one with nature,
Our essence speaks.
In silent grace we move.

Delight in the joy
and grace.
Delighting in the passion of each precious moment.
We are the space between the notes.
Like of glass of wine drunk in merriment.
We forgive the numbness we inflict,
Upon our senses and learn to reunite,
with our heart once more.

(Thursday 27 April 2006, Bolton, UK)

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