One Wintry Morning

Breathless she was lying still
And seemed falling and falling
Were the petals of flowers white
Upon her wrapped in clothes
Of texture soft, subtle and cool
Delicately-tinted to silvery and frosted hue
And finely spun and woven
By the hands of heaven
They were falling still
With the breezy winds off and on
Halting the path of poor and elite
And gone were the days of songs
Birds used to sing joyous and divine
And where they were hanging in
None could surmise
The sun struggled to break in
To awaken her with sunshine
But was seen shrinking and fading
While cuddling closer her heart and soul
Beset with frost and flurry
Upon precipitation of embarrassing wintry queen
And the day king was suffused cool
For undone was the intense
With the stealing in of the cold light of the morn
Seemed abiding through for a long sojourn
But grand and stately were her dreams despite
For tossed between bitter and sweet
Was a dream dreamt warm and rich
Of summer soon to alight
In her wintry spring of life


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A poem of love, full of symbolism - in this natural world, the human species is the only one who is conscious and responsible at the same time for maintaining a balance of life. It is a huge responsibility - an edifying poem.10