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One Wish

If i could have one wish
it would be to not wish
wishing is nothing but a waste of time
but yet to have one we would spend all your money- till the last dime

Wishes are nothing but everything we cant have
Some would wish to calve (to produce an offspring)
Others for riches
But not I, I want no wishes

You ask me why?
Its simple... i dont want to be wishing till the day i die!
Its like dwelling on a dream
It will never is but a dream!

So grant me this one wish and it will save me from A life time of wishes
This is how i will let go of this like dream- no more clutches....
For something i can never grasp
If not i would need something to hold me together..a fastener..a hasp

Take away the need in me to wish..take it, i do not need it! I
I have no time for it, i have no room for it, it does not fit!
My one wish would be not to wish
So take it away, grant me this, i begin to famish!

I starve for this last wish of mine,
To take away my wishes for all time!
They are endless, they are worthless, they have nothing that i want!
Wishes have one is only to taunt!

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i couldn't have said it better! beautiful wording! ~Divina