One With God

Slipping silently down the Suwannee’s edge,
Listening to flowing waters give their pledge,
As they swiftly carry earths excess to the sea,
Where hot sun awaits to set the purified free.

Envisioning the rivers strong yet gentle spirit,
Aware of its determination, I openly cheer it,
My praise to the Creator ring loud and clear,
As I feel His awesome presence drawing near.

Nearing a landing with banks of natural clay,
Sturgeons leaping up from waters face in play,
As I hear calling from a wind in rustling tree,
Be not alone, come walk hand in hand with me.

Recalling when in my youth I would here walk,
As with me my Cherokee ancestors would talk,
Trek with honor in earth’s life circle to its end,
Keeping the truth, with every thing be a friend.

Listen as Wisdom cries, be holy, do your part,
Better to share, than to take, from evil depart,
Full circle the Messiah states life here is done,
Through Christ the Son, we return to God as One.

by Joseph Blitch

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