JR (22 September / London)

One Wonders

One wonders what wonders tomorrow
may bring to the man in the street
when freedoms are traded to borrow
a credit card kitchen complete.

Will we dwell with nostalgia or sorrow
on a past few would care to repeat,
or turn to the future to follow
choice into the jaws of defeat?

Ubiquity’s options ring hollow
to those who’d ‘the system’ defeat, -
who’ll dance to the tune of Apollo?
who’ll float on life’s surface replete?

Dark the mire in which many now wallow
who millenium cheered – trick or treat?
Yet net theme schemes seem too much to swallow
with man’s paradigm shifts bittersweet.

Emerging technologies merging
redundant may make most who strive
to eliminate waste, need no urging
to purge with one motto – “survive”.

Survival for fattest who, splurging
can consciences salve while the rest
into true brave new world are emerging,
yet must plan, can’t just “hope for the best”.

But the seasons’ climactic conditions
have advanced to beyond ‘no return’,
and the forces unleashed may most missions
abort as all suffer in turn.

One wonders – but hidden agendas
both labels and lobbies betray,
he who struggles as he who surrenders
both hang at the end of the day.

Man has squandered both fauna and flora,
held accountable, passes the buck, -
most folk will find life ever poorer,
clutch at lottery crutches for luck.

Yet the motto that ‘hope springs eternal’
may rise to the challenge to find
a sensor chip network infernal
to ease out all cares from the mind.

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yes that's me- playing lotto -just a dollar and a dream... :)