One Word I Will Never Hear!

Older in age, think back is there still time,
to sing a baby's rhyme?
I don't know if I am too late,
that a little precious child runs around,
and I put up the Baby gate.
Above all to see it grow and smile at me,
I look at this, soon it will walk and say Mommy to me!
Can it still happen to hear those words?
Or just a dream I wish to hear!
Once in my Life, calling me not just "this is my second wife."
To hear Mommy or Mom, when you hear me God let it happen
to give me a son, I wish for a girl.
To pass on my things which belong to them. To hear you say
"Mommy I love you!"
I hear you in my dreams
"Mommy where are you,"
right here my precious is Mom, to Love and comfort you the rest
of my Life.
To hear that one word I will never hear, Mommy!

by Marika Austin

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