(15 September 1889 – 22 May 1948 / Clarendon)

A Caterpillar

A caterpillar,
this deep in fall--
still not a butterfly.

Translated by Robert Hass

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A great heart touching poem......................10
Very timely and meaningful. 10+
Dear Samanyan, Thanks for your invite to read and rate this poem. Nicely presented both in form and content. Good write always brings good marks so A10 Rajkumar (My comments are also in ten syllable counts)
India's freedom was brought through ahimsa but after sixty years of India's freedom, the foundation of Ahimsa and humanity are no more existent.Violence is very much prevalent in the country. Very thought provoking, nicely written poem.
What a cool form for a poem; and you have certainly done justice here; both to the form and to the poem.
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