(10 December 1830 – 15 May 1886 / Amherst / Massachusetts)

One Year Ago—jots What?


One Year ago—jots what?
God—spell the word! I—can't—
Was't Grace? Not that—
Was't Glory? That—will do—
Spell slower—Glory—

Such Anniversary shall be—
Sometimes—not often—in Eternity—
When farther Parted, than the Common Woe—
Look—feed upon each other's faces—so—
In doubtful meal, if it be possible
Their Banquet's true—

I tasted—careless—then—
I did not know the Wine
Came once a World—Did you?
Oh, had you told me so—
This Thirst would blister—easier—now—
You said it hurt you—most—
Mine—was an Acorn's Breast—
And could not know how fondness grew
In Shaggier Vest—
Perhaps—I couldn't—
But, had you looked in—
A Giant—eye to eye with you, had been—
No Acorn—then—

So—Twelve months ago—
We breathed—
Then dropped the Air—
Which bore it best?
Was this—the patientest—
Because it was a Child, you know—
And could not value—Air?

If to be "Elder"—mean most pain—
I'm old enough, today, I'm certain—then—
As old as thee—how soon?
One—Birthday more—or Ten?
Let me—choose!
Ah, Sir, None!

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Wow..great poem..happy new year
nice poem for the season //////
The first stanza took me straight into a maelstrom. What in the world is happening here? - was my first thought. The punctuation was weird. But it forced me to slow down. Then I find that the thoughts she expresses are really erratic ones. She's stumbling for words: jots what? , ” “I—can’t, ” “Not that, ” “will do.” This stop and go mimics the author's frame of mind. Then she uses the last line of the stanza to make me focus on “Spell slower—Glory.” Huh? Well, the first word of that line, “Spell, ” has two meanings: one being “enchantment” and the other being “speak it out” or “recite it slowly.” Okay. Dickinson is going to make me work at getting into this poem.
New life, dreams, love and world Ever open to you my dear friends! World will be everyone's home and Years of saddest pursuits will be fulfilled! Energy level of all will increase soon and All will come together to do best for all! Right attitude will keep all right ever! Success will be sure to all from now on...!
Very emotional and beautiful narration of the precious life that expresses by the great poet and a good poem.
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