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Tonight …

know this.
your heart
it leaves me,
crinkled by elements
and blown about
I am,
like tumbleweed.
Raw skin exposed
though warmed
by scarce
and fleeting memories,
an echo's sounds
perceptions filled with ache
and hopes unmet,
caresses sought
within deep passages.
All for tonight.


your heart,
the pitter patter
of its little beats,
the touch of fingertips
as darkness is recalled,
the chill of happy nights,
its steam seeks refuge
at stoic window panes
until the morning sun's own gold
awakens birds and hares.
All for today.

And when...

in abject synchronicity
intuitive its flavours,
rich its scent,
a wick takes on a dipstick's life,
and grows, unleashed,
a fearsome coil
to plunge into the great infinity
where fjords make up the Gulf of Awe,
where rivers merge and deltas reminisce
as tongues of liquid silt are kissed
by roots within the mangroves' ageless sand.
Small bubbles rise, evaporate in jest
like awkward quarrels seeking clearing skies.

That is the moment when..

… the moon comes back
to peek across the bay,
grid lines are drawn,
we fissle
like the heaven's stars,
and taste the stones
within the winter's stores,
fruits of profundity,
the self a melting hive,
wax of the tree called

We note.....

the lushness of dark green surrounds,
the bottlebrush,
its pink a fading hue
as is stands proudly in the majesty
of giant conifers,
amidst the bark
of predators who roam horizons dark,
clear shallow footprints left on lichen's moss,
a sturdy branch,
the image of a playground swing
suspended, giving shade to dimply hats
of chubby mushrooms on the ground beneath.
A wombat's coat, its fur of grande noblesse,
the whoosh of flashing bracken in moon's light,
woodpecker speaks,
the hammer sounds of dawn
borne by the westerlies to distant hills
where bats hang, heads a-kink to catch the sounds
and gentle music now descends to fill the air
it is the beauty of it all
we duly note.

And so tonight …

know this:
Life melted in pure love,
of comfort
when you flew
and came to shore
aboard the bird flight from Infinity,
we kissed the sacred ground
and stood
silent and motionless,
embracing love
and bathing in
the crimson light
of our
Pohutukawa Flame.

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Comments (3)

What a team you are. This one blew me away. Too many wonderful lines for me to choose a favourite. Great work! ! 10/10...and a fav. Regards, Ian
Congratulations - - this held me spellbound from start to finish - - it has the duality of two talented minds of the highest poetic order.... metaphorically speaking it zings...... a big 10 + + + from Fay...
... and so tonight... I dewly note... where the Puriri and Pohutukawa mixed n mingled... the fun of ecology within the aroha. DDDxx