Only 13

That girl in the corner,
Who is she?
She’s the girl no one talks to.
With long blonde hair and a strange face.
She doesn’t seem to belong in this place.
She always sits alone as others ridicule.
She never cries in school.
No one likes her because she is so different.
They tell her she’s ugly,
She never fights back.
She’s the girl who goes home to cry.
She’s only 13.
And she wants to die.
She’s always alone.
Her feelings unknown.
Most people look at her and see,
Just a lonely girl of 13.
She’s the girl alone in the corner.
Who is she?
That girl,
Was me.

by Elizabeth Clair

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i like this poem.. i'm 14 but thats me also. i think that by you writing this.. you have exposed us all. in some way we are alone.. and all we can do.. is take care of ourselves. if you let yourself rely on someone you will only be let down. hope to hear from you yours truly scarred