Only 22

Poem By ... suzyonelittledev

The music in the night club
Is dancing through her head
Her body is intoxicated
With every word that he has said

She looks at him in wonder
How can this be true
She is 44 he is only 22

He leads her to the dance floor
Where there body’s grind
He plays her with his fingers
And plays her with his mind

He holds her waist so gently
Guides her body into his
And while the music’s playing
She loses all her fears.

They dance and grind for hours
And hold each other tight
He does not leave her side
He’s with her for the night.

He treats her like a lady
And knows just what to do
To make her feel so sexy
Make her feel she’s 22

But alas the night draws to an end
And the music starts to slow
Its time for her to say goodnight
And time for him to go.

He asks to see her again
But all she can reply
Is thank you babe for a great night
But this has to be goodbye

For your only just a babe
And Im not the one for you
For I am somebody’s wife
Somebody’s mother to.

And as much as id like to take you
And turn you into a man
All I can offer you is friendship
Be there for you when I can.

With this he kissed her hand
And said goodnight my sweet
But now I know where you are
Again I know we’ll meet.

And one day you will give in
The more I dance with you
I feel it through your body
You know you feel it to.

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Some where in the darkeness
In the corners of my mind
There is a childhood memory
That I no longer want to find


when you are in the darkness
alone and feeling blue
tears falling down your face
wondering what to do.


why do I love you
when your face ive not seen
why do you haunt me
In reality and dreams


In her heart, mind and body
A war rages deep within
She’s trying to control her feelings
She’s trying not to commit a sin.

Love And Affection

You asked for love and affection
I gave it willingly
But did that give you the right
To be so cruel to me.


Don’t judge me for I never once judged you
Don’t tell me what I am supposed to do
Don’t tell me with whom I can speak
I am strong no longer weak.