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Only A Fake
S ( / NYC)

Only A Fake

I believed everything about her
I respected her
I trusted her
for doing it all on her own
for taking care of herself and me
for not giving up
for being independent
fro never letting a man hit her
for always being in control
for being there for all that she knew
for helping that were robbed of their control
for taking a stand against the men
fro keeping me safe
fro showing me the way
for showing every woman that they didn't need a man
for showing men we could survive with out them
but today I lost it all
the respect
the trust
everything I believed in
for she is nothing but a fake
she lied to me
she lied to all that trusted her
you see she never really had control
he had already hit her
and she chose to still marry him
I found out she did not raise me on my own
she ran to the other man
the one that hit before
she would never take the help offered
offered by the people she helped first
For the truth is she never had control
she was never independent
all my life was lead by lies

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