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Only A Grain Of Sand
AR (05/01/1982 / )

Only A Grain Of Sand

Poem By Andrew Rose


Like the grain of sand-
at the centre of a pearl.

In it’s pure perfection,
It lies alone,
A solitary grain of sand.

Irritation is by no means-
a great basis for perfection,
Yet it seems to have worked,
On this occasion.

The outer layer protects its' inner host,
A host that was once-
a number among many,
On the sandy beaches of life.

I was the imperfection-
who managed to impress itself upon you,
Whether it was willingness or fate-
I advanced within my shell,
To be blinded by the ensuing darkness.

Slowly I was covered by your reactions,
Layered by what you added to me,
Constantly increasing,
Until I grew to a size to which I couldn't leave you,
Even if I wanted to.

I was emasculated by your soothing comfort,
Trapped because I didn't force my escape.
I'm powerless now…
More than I had ever been before,
When I was just a grain of sand-
resting in eclipsed desire.

Did you deceive me?

Distorting the light when I was complete?

You made me,

Made me feel like a pearl alienated at heart,

Like a singular grain of sand once more;

That irritating comfort submerged within.

Light appears,
You’ve been discovered,
There is a force much greater than you!
Clammy awakening light frees me from this vice like hold;
Looking back I see you tossed aside,
Laying broken in two,
For your suffocating entrapment of me.

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Many fine images making truth in the grains of sand.