Only A Vison

You are the only guy I will ever love.
I tell everyone I am over you,
And that I used you.

The truth is that secretly
I am still longing to hold you,
If only for a moment.
That would satisfy my hunger.
I want you so bad.

Every day that goes by
A vision of you,
Of us runs through my rygged memory.

Sometimes I dream of you;
It is an endless dream it feels so real.
Then I wake up and realize
It was only a dream.
It will never be a reality.

I wish that I could look into your eyes,
And get lost the way I always did.
I need to hear your voice,
It soothes my aching soul.

I have felt so much cruelty,
Yet you are none of that.

You are my peace,
My home.
You are only a vision
A vision of the faded past,
A vision of what once was.

by M.E. Michaud

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