SS (Aug - 28 - 90 / Germany)

Only At Night

Letting my tears flow
Hoping to get rid of my pain
Knowing I'll grow sad, angry
Miserable and lonely because
Of it

Knowing no one will hear
For it's the middle of the night
Restless and unsteady
Boxed in unable to draw
A breath

Hoping my next breath
Will be the last one I take
Have no need for the world
For the world has no need for me
Always dream

Wanting to escape everything
For if I stay then my life is lost
With no friends or behind a mask
That my friends think is friendly
Only betrayal

At night I cry knowing
No one can hear, so no one

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No one cares is your illusion If you care for others you will definitely be cared It need not necessarily be the person whom you fancy Some one who will love and care for you will be somebody else wait for that person with hope in your mind Hope is the driving force of life