Only Creature

Only creature

Tuesday, January 2,2018
8: 33 AM

Nothing changes
We only manage
To statisfy self ego
And intention to go ahead

We ask for excuses
And refuse
The entry of truth
And try to soothe in wrong way

Old year or new year
It only adds fear
What shall be punishment for our sins?
That is thought over but not seen

We make resolve to start afresh
But take rash decisions
Dig our own grave
And irresponsibly behave

If dog's tale can be straightened
Then only human beings can be defined
No one may come to know about his intention
Let us admit this on face and make mention

Our greed has no stop
And wants to reach on the top
With no sincerity or hard work
But through deception and clever words

We need not be pardoned
But only condemned
As we are the only creature
Who intentionally involves in sinner activities

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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