Only Dream Of Me

My sleeping beauty baby,
My angel covered child,
My little girl so peaceful,
So strong and flowing wild.

Never would I keep you,
In a sterile gilded cage,
But set your sprit soaring,
And set your soul to rage.

As beautiful a woman,
As I have ever known,
So I thank you once forever,
For the ways you make me grow.

So sleep my beauty baby,
Dream dreams that set you free,
So long as when you waken,
You only dream of me.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (4)

When I awoke to find this on my pillow, that you thought this of me.
Good and well-measured!
Thanks, Allan. I was very happy with it. And I was verry happy when I wrote it, too.
Sandra this poem is very good, it has flow and good content did you feel happy with the poem, when you wrote it, that is the most important aspect kind regard's AJS