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# A Life Taken By Many - Karna
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# A Life Taken By Many - Karna

[ In MAHABHARATHA a hindu epic KARNA was the eldest son of KUNTIDEVI the mother of the pandavas
KARNA was abondoned since he was illegitimately born before KUNTI got married...KARNA
was born with an ear ring [kundalam] and a shield in his chest [kavasam] with this no body
could have killed KARNA..he was very magnanimous and that was his DHARMA..and that
was his second shield....KURUSHETRA war if taken on the face of it seems very inhuman
towards this great soul]


Not just an arrow
would do to put this man down
'DHARMA' his life guard

Abandoned when born
born to kunti and the SUN
zero in the five

Born with kundalam
born with kavasam in chest
death could not pierce him

Warrior by birth
humiliated by birth
an archer by birth

Most human he was
though a friend to duryodhan
heart of gold he had

Giver to the core
gave kavasam and kundalam
death's ploy to pierce him

The god's had to ploy
win over this man in sly
his dharma his life

Secret son met mom
promise on arjun given
a ploy there from mom

What a war was that
'KURUKSHETRA' was all foul
god's did it in style

Not just an arrow
would do to put this man down
'DHARMA' his life guard

God begged his 'DHARMA'
to take his life out of him
a god given life


Arrow from Arjun
pierces Karna in his chest
Karna did not die

Not just an arrow
would do to put this man down
DHARMA his life guard

KRISHNA as beggar
begged his dharma from this soul
a god not as god

Karna gave dharma
in blood form to the beggar
all his shields he lost

Impressed by karna
krishna showed himself in full
from earth to the sky

A vision of god
with the world within he saw
KARNA died in peace

Not just an arrow
a life taken by many
what a noble soul

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Comments (4)

When I awoke to find this on my pillow, that you thought this of me.
Good and well-measured!
Thanks, Allan. I was very happy with it. And I was verry happy when I wrote it, too.
Sandra this poem is very good, it has flow and good content did you feel happy with the poem, when you wrote it, that is the most important aspect kind regard's AJS