Only Few Can Medicae

Only few can medicate
Stay in touch and communicate
Directly to feel in link with the divinity
Rest all fail to concentrate and keep continuity

It needs stable mind
With no hatred of any kind
Love towards all
And prepared to respond any call

Such people can keep contact
With unknown world to act
Go into silence zone
Where even fancy imagination can't be flown

With all I this, I must admit
Mind does not allow greeting
All those constructive forces
But take me away from the sources

Mind is like monkey
Worldly pleasure may make its efforts shaky
Practically you may in meditation
But in real, you will be carried away by imagination

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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I really resonate wiht this Joseph Groome29 minutes ago This is a very good piece and i really quite enjoy it. You should check out some of my poems i feel like youd enjoy them my friend. Comment +1
Great! Patrick Waters27 minutes ago Love towards all, tends to fade quickly. Comment +1
ok Clyde Land15 minutes ago ok
Only few can medicate Stay in touch and communicate