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Only God Can Judge Me
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Only God Can Judge Me

Poem By alicia mullins

they say that when you die you either go to heaven or a place not so well
but the truth is, your already livin in hell
bad things are always happening, not to many good
things are never happening the way that they should
people are always judging you for who you are and tellin you who you can and cant be
but ima let you kno now... only god can judge me
it's hard to believe that someone perfect made this world
but you better believe it because that someone is our lord
even though life is messed up, ours are still better then some
and we're not on the streets...we're not some bum's
so before you go to bed thank god for what you have
even if its not much, you have something so be glad
alls i'm sayin is believe in god
cause when you its your time...he'll be your jude

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