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Only Here In Kentucky

Blacks are not allowed in, I read it on the sign
But, if you are white, you can come in and dine,
Just sit down anywhere and order your food to eat
But, if you are interracial, please don't look for a seat.
Only here in Kentucky.

You can marry in the Commonwealth and it's not that complex
Unless though you and your partner are the very same sex,
You then cannot marry even being an American and proud
But, if you are a rapist, adulterer, pedophile you are allowed.
Only here in Kentucky.

You are allowed to worship freely that is what they say
And to God you are allowed to glorify and also to pray,
But, if you are an atheist or a non-christian in this state
You should stay away because of bigotry, prejudices, and hate.
Only here in Kentucky.

United we stand and divided we shall fall
That is our State's motto that was fought for one and all,
Now there is a hatred for races, beliefs and religion
We now allow discrimination, narrow mindlessness and treason.
Only here in Kentucky.

Randy L. McClave

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Great piece Randy. It speaks out against social injustice and narrow mindedness while maintaining a pleasant rhyme scheme and not becoming preachy. Giving it a 10