MA (August 3,2000 / Centerville)

Only If The Dead Could Talk

If the dead could talk….what would they say
Who gave u the right to take my life away?
When they search the reason of why and how they forget to question of who
Who as in who was that person before they died
What would they say if they knew they were dead
Would they plead for their life back
Or would they decide to find the good side of death
There are some with a glass half full
While others complain about their half empty glass
What if they were murdered
Maybe not by a person specifically but by their situation
It can be as easy as being in the wrong place on the wrong day and in the wrong time
Only if the dead could talk
Would u listen
Or even more interesting what if u got to talk to the dead
Who would u be more fond of
What would you say
Would you ask them to take away the pain
Would you remind them about a price they never paid
Would you vent to them about how much u miss them
Would you give up your life in exchange for their life
Even better what if u had to do it twice
Only if the dead….. could listen…..

by MyIner Agony

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