Only In My Dreams

We were strangers looking for a reason to live
Not taking much from others but a lot we have to give
The truth is we only wanted someone to stay
And to promise us that they will never ever walk away
They will hold us when we feel like breaking down
To carry us safe back on a solid ground
We did try to search for that one person
Only to find out that we have nothing in common
Though' we've given all ur best for this chance to last
We have to say goodbye, and leave it to our past
And now, here we are again.. Alone and empty..
I can see you, but the question is do you see me?
Maybe we just have to take a look at each other
To realize that maybe we're made for one another
But then again it may not work out
Because not in this lifetime, you'll be hearing this out
But then i decided to stay with you
You might change your mind, and then you'll see me through
But i know that it will only happen in my dreams
For I am still a stranger, you might have not seen
I will always look out for you coz i want to know everything
I'll be your guardian angel, with a broken wing..

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