Only 'It' Provides Our Every Need

Such a rewarding life.
Full with twists and turns.
Happiness and strife.
To test every emotion given.

Who has not cried,
Or laughed in joy?
Who has not tried to manipulate...
Or change the fate,
Of their journey?
With benefits!

Who has never cursed The Creator?
I know I have.
Only to admit another lesson learned.

That's good to know! '

And to have faith...
Is not enough to say it!
God isn't there...
Only when we wish and expect it!
This magnificent experience...
Is a gift.

And God is not foolish to present blessings,
To leave them without expectation.

Go ahead.
I'm listening.'

This 'Deity' wants you to accept and believe...
Only 'IT' provides our every need.
When 'that' has been decided,
We are deserving.

No one is alone.
Even if a choice is made to hide in shadows.

Who do you think created them...
Those convenient shadows?
The brilliant compositions of captivating poets?
Some who write it!

Talk about expansive egos! '

Don't fool yourself.
If God wishes to be amused...
You will be the first to be chosen.

How do I know this?
Do you detect a smile on my lips?

'Something' beyond our imaginations...
Is enjoying every moment of this,
Or 'whatever' this is.

Delighting in hysterics.
In uncontrollable laughter...
At our expense.
Whether we find it funny or not!
And this 'has' to be happening.
Since some of this 'joy'...
I don't find amusing at all!


I did say 'some' of it!

I'm glad you provided clarification! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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