*only Love*

The tombstones; acred hearts,
sigh in the shadows.
Each one, if but only love had loved,
and known it so,
would happily to graveside go.

But alas; how many,
by love's unclothed, clothed deception,
in such guises; misconception,
makes us hold the handles of the cask
until bodies breath last gasp.

Breathe softly breath,
breathe softly love,
hear love, speak gently of,
be consumed, consummated
by everlasting lust of, only love.

by David Taylor

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'Consummated by everlasting lust of, only love' Rachel Ann Butler
In our tiny time on this planet, there is one voice that will resonate above all the rest - the voice of love. How sad that some are deluded by masked impostors and never feel the joy that allows us to let go. Beautiful poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥