Only Love

I'll only love you
While the world turns
while the sun burns.
When the sea hits the rocks
While you look cute in socks.
When you laugh on the phone,
Healing me with dulcet tone.
While poems are read
And you sing to me in bed
While I can hear you on the wind
See you painted in the sky
While your words are always pinned
Up in my kitchen to get me by.
I'll only love you
While children smile in scented summers
And in my heart a thousand drummers
Strike when you enter the room.
Love wraps around me lifting the gloom
Only you could weave that on your loom.
And your smile makes my heart rumba
In dreams we meet
To kiss
In slumber.
I'll only love you
While trees dance with the breeze
While we hang daisy chains on our dreams
To music from babbling streams
Under bluest blue moonbeams.
And when I can hear the rain
Tap dance through my pain
As your hair will brush my cheek.
And our lips in darkness seek
To heal with softest touch
Only love
Could give so much.

by Kevin East

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