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Only Love Is Forever

Friends come and go,
And all though they are the most important ingredient of life,
Expirience and time change their minds and ideas, as much as relationships and truths
as much as the sun and moon change the night into a day and night
as must as Spring and fall make the time go back and forth

Things are Lost and Found,
memories Fade, and then comeback,
To haunt for past life, to Shade the Future
to cover for the lies, to expose the truth we hide

Thoughs are Long not Seen and Forgotten,
They Come and go,
like old lost photographs lost in the scary attic,
Like the Little bird that ran away and flew back
just like them old toys stacked under the bed, as if they never existed
untill little child's hand reaches out for them.

Yet Love Stays forever,
To nourish, these old Scars, left behind by past events in life
that left marks, which would reseble failures and comebacks
all the rises and falls, which made me who im today,
and i will be for the rest of my life

So be My Cure,
be the drug that will deceive me and take me away in my paradise,
which brings all my good and happy memories,
only to take away all painfull moments far from me,
deeply hidden in my mind, so i wont venture to find them

Mend My Ailment
Be the treatment my mind desires,
be the bangade that will fill this hole inside my heart
the pain will go away, for the happiness will come back,
Pureness will once again rule in my heart
and hatred will leave this happy mind forever

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