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Only Memories

The past it has gone and only memories remain
Of the what used to be but will not be again
Your friends of the past are not your friends today
In life as you have done they have gone their own way

They once were your friends but as your friends did not stay
Time, absence and separation on this had a say
They have forged new friendships as you have as well
How long any friendship last only time does tell

Friendships are built on personal interests is how it seems to be
But many with this may well not agree
But a friendship between a pauper and a billionaire
In truth one can say is something rarer than rare

Though you no longer feel close to a former friend
It may not have been a personal dispute brought your friendship to an end
It is just that in ways apart you had grown
It is from similar interests the seeds of friendship are sown

Another day dawns and yesterday has gone
And the clock on our lives ever keeps ticking on
All that you have left are memories of the past
And friends that you once knew that time did outlast.

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