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Only Memories Remain

In the nineteen sixties changing times in Ireland became a cultural loss
The Irish Travelers no longer parked their horse drawn Romany vans at the Shannaknock Cross
Before the March and the September Millstreet Town horse fair
Back when there was not any gray in my hair

The increase in motorized vehicles forced them and their horse drawn living vans off of every Irish roadway
That culture always seems to lose out to change does seem sad to say
The Irish Travelers and their horse drawn vans off of the Irish roadways seemed to disappear out of sight
And only memories remain of their musical sing along around their campfires at night

In the late fifties and early sixties changes in Ireland were happening fast
And only the good memories remain of the past
The Romany horse drawn vans of the Irish Travelers no longer on the roads of the Irish countryside
At a time in Autumn in Ireland that the boo of the threshing machines in the farm yards died

The Ireland i grew up in is a changed Land today
And from Shannaknock Cross i now live far away
And a cultural loss became an industrial and technological gain
And of the what used to be only memories remain

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