Only My Silhouette

Poem By Candice Renae Williams

Only a whisper of a silhouette could I see.

With fragments of a surreal like quality,

Yet, my mind could not portray,

How translucent the sketch of it may be.

Only the distorted sight could I see.

With inspiration lying about readily,

Yet, My eyes could see the disarray.

Oh, how the end always spoils so drearily.

Only the moment, as if frozen, could I see,

With time stopped and stretched so forcefully.

Yet, My heart could not hide for fear of thawing made it stay.

Oh, how numb can my feelings be?

When I still pity the tears falling callously?

Only the truth, in it’s shadow could I see,

With frightened clarity it made a lie out of me so casually.

Yet, My soul could still cry out, it’s dismay,


“How lonely I be

with the darkness advancing so steadily.”

Only the shadow of a silhouette could I see.

With everything looming about so terribly.

Yet, My ears could still perceive the voice softly whispering,

“How, is but the question, for the answer can only be found within”

Only then did I look in me.

With realization, all the pain that had been gathering disappeared rapidly,


“My Silhouette...”

was all that I could say.


How did life ever get so reminiscently gloomy

With the terror and worry overtaking me so effortlessly?

Only now I have found what before I could not see,

With a real certainty,

My silhouette is now plain for the eyes to see,

Showing how life is only what I can make it to be.

Only the shadow, could have been heard mocking,

With laughter following every word that he would have you hear him say,

“Reality endures only futility

Hoping suffers only uselessly

Time stands only wearily

And truth lingers only pointlessly.

My way will come once more,

To destroy all of the life one so greedily adores, ”

Only, do not fret,

Of course it would be sad to end that way,

So with the closing of my peculiar rhyming,

I will tell you knowingly,

That as long as I see,

What my silhouette is really,

“My reality can be made

Better with hoping,

Changed with time,

And seen for the beauty that only truth can find.”

Comments about Only My Silhouette

I thought that this one was okay... But wait I have noticed that I tend to lapse on the rhyming... Hmm... a reworker again^_^

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