JC (7/30 / bloomington california)

Only One

For her love is something she didn't understand
for it was to hard to comprehend
so she promise herself to never fall in love
this made her hate love songs
and she never keep a man for long

then she saw the man
that made her say i can
love once more with all her heart
with every token of sweets
he lift her off her feet

day by day
he won her heart in every way
and then she said he was the one
so she put in her heart 'he is all mine'
for he was fine

then she always said never
now she says forever
to love her prince charming
for his gift
of make her fall in love with a simple lift

now she is in love
and not fake love
for he can't hurt her
she is in true love
with the only one she could love

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