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Only One

So many do yearn for wealth and renown
But only one can be the best in the town
And only one can be the best in the street
Where many so many for success compete.

And everyone cannot be a millionaire
And winners are grinners and good losers are rare
It is a rat race in the big World out there
As much as for where you live as for anywhere.

'Tis all part of being human would you not agree
The bigger the ego the less of humility
I too have a big ego of which I too dare not boast
To ego as such one should not drink a toast.

In a world of prejudice, class distinction and snobbery
Where millions of people live in poverty
Why should I wish to hear of your latest success
But allow yourself to waffle on none the less.

To know of success in life we are put to that test
But at anything only one can be the best
Yet is the difference between success and failure that great overall
Since to the scythe of the Reaper we eventually must fall?

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