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Only One Leonardo

If not the greatest mind of all time surely the greatest of his day
In ideas four hundred years ahead of his time that's what scientists and inventors say
There was only one Leonardo was there ever as great as he?
He was born a natural genius in the fifteenth century.

An inventor and an artist as well as a scientist and an engineer
His name destined to be immortal at least now that's how 'twould appear
He must have been quite some genius given all that he did know
About science and the ways of Nature some five centuries ago.

Leonardo Da Vinci is for all ages truly he was one inspired
To become the fore-runner of many inventions one in his lifetime admired
By the great rulers of Europe and his legend still lives on
Whilst billions all around the World into obscurity have gone.

By all accounts one who loved Nature his Mona Lisa lives today
As one of the greatest ever paintings valued in hundred of millions experts say
He was more than a great artist and of greatness him one cannot deny
There was only one Leonardo and his name will never die.

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